Foliepop's is a French bakery crafting pastry perfection in the heart of texas.

We opened our kitchen in 2020 (perfect timing), but we survived and thrived and now we're baking for the masses and proudly partnered with H-E-B.

For folks that have been living under an oven stone: the Austin food scene is BOOMING. And we're proud to be part of the culinary revolution occurring here — bringing our elevated, French pastries to hungry, ingredient-conscious people.

We only use the finest, natural ingredients in all of our products (no dyes, artificial flavorings, etc.) so they taste just like your grandma baked them special for you — a very modern, culinary genius grandma.

We are what we eat.

You can feel a little less guilty treating yourself to our wholesome sweets. Also who wouldn't want to be a croissant or tartelette?

Our mission is bake incredible, natural pastries and share them with the world. We're actively expanding to more stores, hotels, and venues. If you'd like to be part of our journey, you can become a wholesale partner and if you'd like to try our tartelettes, you can find them at an H-E-B near you.

Look below to see some glamour shots of our team and our products.

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Foliepop's tartelettes
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What is a tartelette?

A mouth watering bite that starts with a crunchy shortbread cookie, a creamy or fruity filling, and a delicate chocolate topping. It's perfect for anyone who likes love and sugar.
In Tartelettes We Trust

Chef Kevin D'Andrea

Kevin, the chef behind Foliepop's

Originally hailing from France, Kevin gained recognition as a finalist on the renowned culinary TV show "Top Chef" France in 2015. His culinary prowess earned him the esteemed title of "Best Young Chef of 2016" in France, further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

At a young age, Chef Kevin had the privilege of training under the guidance of the legendary Michelin Star Chef Alain Llorca at Hôtel Belles Rives in the picturesque French Riviera. This experience ignited his passion for the culinary arts and paved the way for his remarkable professional journey. Subsequently, Chef Kévin worked alongside one of the world's most renowned chefs, Chef Alain Ducasse, at Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris. He also honed his skills at the prestigious 3 Michelin star restaurant, Le Meurice, alongside the accomplished Yannick Alléno. Later, he ventured to London, where he contributed his expertise to the iconic restaurant Bob Bob Ricard before establishing his own successful restaurant, Mensae, which earned the coveted title of "Best Bistro of Paris" in 2016.

Driven by the pursuit of the American Dream, Chef Kévin bravely left his thriving career in France and relocated to the US. In Houston, TX, he served as the Executive Chef for the restaurant La Villa.

It was during this time that Chef Kevin developed a fondness for Texas. This fondness led him to be captivated by the Foliepop's project: a thriving business-to-business kitchen, specializing in providing elegant French pastries to top-tier venues.

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